Leaving your dog alone at home should no longer keep you worried

This device can keep them safe and happy even when you’re not home!

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All fur parents can agree that one of their biggest dilemmas when leaving home is the thought of their beloved pet being left alone and lonely. And if you have a dog, too, you know how it feels to be wondering and thinking about what they might be doing at home without you. Separation anxiety can be daunting especially when you’re gone for hours. 


The good news is, this dilemma can now finally come to an end! Here’s a device that your dog stays happy and safe even when you’re not around. 


Meet Furbo Treat Tossing Device. This smart pet device comes with a full HD pet camera and two-way audio. This means that aside from the ability to monitor your dog day and night, the barking sensor will also notify you when your dog is barking so that you know what’s going on at home and you get the chance to talk to them from the app. 

Another feature your beloved furry companion will love about this is how they can enjoy treats even with you gone for hours! You can use the Furbo app and toss a treat to your dog any time of the day! Just how fun does it sound? 


All it needs is to be connected to a power outlet using the USB cord, the Furbo app, and a stable internet connection! Easy peasy!