Leap Second Crashes Twitter, Android

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Leap second event crashes Twitter, Amazon and Android systems
Twitter, Amazon, Android crash in yesterdya’s leap second nt

Yesterday?s extra one second in time apparently confused some of the tech companies, as systems crashed and hanged before and after the leap second event. Twitter, Android, and Amazon among others reported some obvious glitches as the global atomic clock was adjusted with an extra second to catch up with the world?s rotation.

Although this year?s glitches were considered sporadic compared to the problems encountered in the last time adjustment in 2012, there were still significant flukes that affected some systems. Twitter reportedly experienced delays and confusion on when the latest tweets were posted.

Some of the businesses running on Amazon Web Services on the other hand, were also affected as the system was down for almost 40 minutes, although Amazon representatives blamed connectivity problems to the glitch.

Some Android phones and watches were also said to have been affected when time clocked in at July 1, hours before the leap second happened. Pinterest and Netflix also reported some technical difficulties during yesterday?s confusion, but programs got up again after 40 minutes.

The freshly minted Beats 1 radio station of Apple Music was also down yesterday at almost the same period.

In 2012, companies like Mozilla, Reddit, Foursquare, Yelp, LinkedIn and StumbleUpon suffered some glitches because of the time adjustment. With everything being digital nowadays, it is easy to understand how this phenomenon can un-sync systems. In Australia, almost 400 flights were delayed when their check-in system crashed.

Some companies like Google prepared for this year?s leap second phenomena by constantly adjusting their time by milliseconds. Stock Markets all over the world also adjusted their operations for the event.

The Stock Market in New York ended their trading time early, while those in Sydney and Tokyo have calibrated their clocks early on.

This adjustment has been done by scientists since 1972 around 25 times already ? the last one was in 2012. According to them, the Earth?s rotation is slowing down, but our clocks do not. So to give it a second, is actually a chance for everything to be back in sync.

This year?s time adjustment was given extra attention as the time adjustment was having on a weekday. The ?61 seconds? was scheduled at 8pm in New York, alongside the opening of Market in Asia, so everyone from businessmen to tech industries braced for that moment when time stands still.

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