Lean back and experience optimum relaxation using this zero-gravity backrest cushion

Use it anywhere in your home and feel resting like no other

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Whether coming home from work or enjoying cuddly weather, our bodies will always look for the best way to relax. We want to grab the remote or a cup of tea and lean back the whole time. However, not everyone knows that there are perfect complements to achieving the rest we all want to enjoy.

Want the best relaxation experience? Meet Crescent, Moon Pod’s latest addition to its family.

What is Crescent?

Moon Pod’s Crescent backrest aims to augment your experience with Moon Pod. It’s not a stand-alone pillow, but it’s something you would always want to add to your relaxation package. It complements any sleeping surface or any chair, for instance.

What benefits do I get from this?

Crescent supports not only your back but also your head, neck, and arms. It comes with thousands of high-density beads that work tirelessly, leaving you free from exerting effort. This zero-gravity product conforms to your body, giving you support no matter your position. It’s so soft that it makes you feel like floating all the time.

What else can Moon Pod offer?

Other than its Crescent backrest, Moon Pod also comes with the following sets:

  • Super Moon Pod
  • Full Set
  • Moon Pod

Does it come with cases?

Yes! Each Moon Pod piece comes with the following

  • Moon Pod sleeve
  • Super Moon sleeve
  • Lunar Lift sleeve
  • Crescent sleeve

What’s the best use for Crescent?

The best thing about Crescent is that you get to use it anywhere at home. It’s not a handy neck pillow you can bring to your travels, but it’s big enough to support your upper extremities. Grab a chair or a Moon Pod, and enjoy relaxation at a new level.