Leaked iPhone 7 Battery Shows Larger Capacity Than iPhone 6s?

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There have been many leaks involving the iPhone 7 over the past couple of weeks. While the phone itself won?t be announced until possibly September, that hasn?t stopped leakers from giving some exciting previews of the upcoming smartphone. The latest leak about the iPhone 7 shows the alleged battery for the device which could also provide us with insight into its battery life.

According to MacRumors, a picture of an alleged battery for the iPhone 7 was leaked on the Chinese site Digi.tech.qq.com. The photos show a battery with a capacity of 7.04 watt-hours which is slightly larger in capacity as compared to the battery of the iPhone 6s. On the other hand, it is actually similar to the capacity of the iPhone 6 which could mean that the iPhone 7 will have a similar battery life to the previous smartphone.

Apple Insider reported that the voltage of the battery was not visible thus the true capacity of the alleged iPhone 7 battery cannot be determined with certainty. But just by basing on the larger watt-hour rating it could reasonably be presumed that it would have a greater capacity.

Improved battery life is certainly something that iPhone fans would appreciate as being able to use the smartphone for longer periods of time is certainly going to be a big advantage. While Apple has not commented on whether the leaked iPhone 7 part is genuine or not, it certainly is an encouraging sign to hear rumblings of an improved battery for the upcoming smartphone.

With the iPhone 7 still several months away, a lot more things can still change and surely this is not going to be the last that we hear about the phone?s battery life. All we can hope is that the rumors are indeed true and that the iPhone 7 will have a much better battery than its predecessor.

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