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Leaked Info: HTC One 2 to Come in Gold Finish

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HTC One?s successor was found to have a gold finish and a dual rear camera, according to a leaked image of the device. The press photo was revealed by EVLeaks and looks similar to an earlier image claimed to be the successor of HTC One. EVLeaks simply calls it the All New HTC One 2014 because HTC has not yet released the official name of the device.

About its Name

The previous flagship handset was named as One, which is why people assume that HTC will call its successor as HTC One 2. Its codename M8 is believed to only be just a codename and unlikely to become the official name of the device. However, it is possible that HTC will utilize a combination of numbers and words. HTC One 2 could more likely be the new flagship handset?s name.

The latest suggestion for the phone?s name would be HTC One+, since it is rumored to be an incremental design than a full ? fledged successor. Until an official launch has been made, we can simply call it the HTC One 2.

HTC One 2 Rumored Specs


The buzzing rumors on the new flagship phone heightened the day after invitations to a March 25 event were sent out. The HTC One successor had a leaked image showing its dual rear camera setup and lack of physical buttons on the front. It will also have a gold finish, as well as stereo BoomSound speakers and an overall look that echoes the original One.

Apart from these features, consumers should also watch out for its dual ? color LED flash that could make or break the Taiwanese mobile maker. This feature could actually bring the flagship handset a step closer to becoming a leader in mobile photography.

How Much will it Cost?

HTC has not yet revealed its official price, but let us just assume that it will fall near the price of HTC One when it was launched. However, the HTC One?s price quickly dropped several weeks later. There is a possibility that the price of HTC One 2 could follow a similar pattern, sticking at the top end of the price and dropping when competition tightens.

The leaked photo could be a doctored image. We will never know its true design and specs until HTC officially releases it on March 25.

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