Leaked Image of the Red Nexus 5 Revealed

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Consumers would usually be offered either a black or white colored Nexus 5 smartphone from the Google Play store. However, there is a high chance that fans of the said smartphone will have more color options in the near future. received a video of someone clicking through a wide range of color options on the order page of Nexus 5. Fortunately, a reliable tipster revealed a leaked picture of a red Nexus 5 on Twitter.

More than white and black

The Nexus 5 made waves since it was released last year. This Google ? branded smartphone is rumored to release a vibrant red version. The rumor further heightened when Evleaks, renowned for releasing information on upcoming tech trends, released a? photo of the red Nexus 5.

Since Android phones are commonly released in two shades initially, it is no longer a wonder why a red version is rumored to pop out soon. Samsung has recently introduced a black version of the Galaxy S4. If you are looking to own a more vibrant ? looking smartphone, then Nexus 5 is the perfect choice.

Tweaks on the red model

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The red Nexus 5 will more or less have the same specifications as the initial models, but Google may tweak its aesthetics a bit. Users will definitely enjoy a premium experience. The said phone will also be running on the latest Android Kitkat 4.4.

Rumor on its early death

Despite the loud rumors of the upcoming red Nexus 5, another sad rumor is starting to spark the curiosity of the consumers. There are some recent murmurings that Google will stop the brand of Nexus soon. According to rumors, the company will only release Google Play Edition handsets manufactured by different companies. This report has not been confirmed, but this will surely affect lots of Nexus fans should it happen.

For the meantime, people should focus on what the red Nexus 5 has to offer. No announcement on its released has been given, but Google is expected to provide the details very soon. A vibrant red smartphone is a perfect gift for the month of February, since the color signifies Valentine?s day. Hopefully, Google will release the details just in time for the special occasion.


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