Leah Remini Gone Missing After Scientology Tell-All on Reddit AMA?

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Leah Remini Gone Missing

Panic and paranoia over the church of Scientology is making the rounds. Recently, actress Leah Remini?s open forum on Reddit has caused an uproar on the church’s dirty secrets. Remini publicly opened up on Reddit on how she?s willing to answer all questions about Scientology. The Reddit post went up yesterday and has since received hundreds of questions and inquiries already.

However, stories are now on the rise that Remini?s newest decision to publicize sensitive information on the church was not a good one. Due to the church of Scientology?s conflicted and violent past incidents such as kidnappings, many are already speculating that something bad has already happened to Remini.

Some have already assumed the worst, believing that Remini has already been kidnapped by church members. It certainly isn?t impossible for the church to do before. But it?s quite questionable now in this modern day and age. But then again, 2016 has been a crazy year so far.

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Although various rumors on Leah Remini?s fate may be popping up, it’s mostly just paranoia. There are?trolls littering comments sections with half baked jokes on the matter. There is no current indication that Remini has already been kidnapped and there is no strong backing to any of the claims that the church of Scientology has already accomplished some malevolent deed against her in the past 48 hours.

The only point that does hold water though is the fact that the church does have more than enough motivation to take her down. Just like the other very vocal none-believers before her. We can only wonder just how the church will actually respond to her Reddit post.

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Remini has dropped some pretty shocking things on the Reddit post already that the church wouldn?t want to you read. Things like?the church fixes rooms with recording devices, in case they need to use it against you later. The straight up abuse experienced by some former church members were even detailed in the post.

If all of this has gotten you curious about the church?s shenanigans, then you should definitely read her Reddit post here. If you want to watch the points raised on the post, then try watching her new show, Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath.

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