League Of Legends Xayah And Rakan Are Top Tier Marksman And Support Picks

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Source: Rakan Champion Spotlight | Gameplay – League of Legends video

Recently, the League of Legends Xayah and Rakan champion spotlights were released. Their spotlights discussed their abilities which feature some heavy offensive utility for Xayah and mobile disruptor for Rakan. However, both characters are still risky to play due to their lower defensive stats which can heavily hamper them if disadvantaged in a match.

Top Tier Potential

As seen on League of Legends Xayah and Rakan’s champion spotlight, both of the new champions have unique gimmicks that makes them extremely effective if the enemies are set up. Xayah is a marksman that leaves feathers on the battlefield and can call them back to deal damage with similar mechanics to the assassin champion Talon. Meanwhile, Rakan has two ally gap closers, a skillshot AoE knockup, and a Charm debuff ultimate which makes him an a strong and slippery disruptor. Overall, these characters thrive well on teamwork which are appreciated in League’s competitive settings.

Xayah and the Marksman Problem

Overall, Xayah seems to thrive on setting up her abilities and feathers to deal large burst damage. Since she’s a Marksman, she can be decent with just auto attacks alone but may fall short against other marksmen with auto attack passives like Vayne, Jhin, and Caitlyn. However, her ultimate that allows her to become invulnerable makes her a good asset to any team.

Most teams have to allot disruptive supports like Braum and Alistar to keep Assassins from killing them when they’re at their effective range. Marksmen are known for their low survivability due to their low defenses. However, Xayah has the means to protect herself as her ultimate allows her a brief invulnerability to normally avoid burst damage. She’ll definitely be considered if the enemy team deals strong damage and crowd control.

Softer But Agile Disruptor

Meanwhile, Rakan is a melee disruptor support as he has a knockup gap closer and a charm ultimate. However, getting close seems dangerous for Rakan as he has at least over 50 health difference from the other melee supports like Taric, Blitzcrank, and Alistar. This little stat difference can mean that Rakan will have a hard time recovering from a troubled early game laning phase as he doesn’t have good base defensive stats to catch up.

This defensive weakness is mitigated with his active healing, barrier and ally gap closer abilities which would increase his chances of survival if he ever gets out of position. Rakan will be a valued disruptor Support pick assuming that the enemy team never catches him with a good crowd control or his escape abilities on cooldown.

Potential New Ban Targets

League of Legends Xayah and Rakan has yet to be implemented in the live servers. These new champions may be regularly picked for competitive bans if they prove too strong to fight or flexible to any team composition. The danger in their “high risk, high reward” playstyle can be prevented as long as the team works together to cover up their weaknesses. Additionally, Surrender@20 confirms that these two new champions have unique voice lines if banned, which means the developers had a competitive oversight for these new characters.

Lastly, these two new champions doesn’t seem to have difficult gimmicks that will get ignored by a huge chunk of its player base. New characters like Ivern and Kled are rare picks even though they’re new as they have a unique gimmick that needs to be utilized well to make them strong. However, Xayah and Rakan have ability mechanics that are extremely similar to older champions which will help the older players transition to these new champions faster.

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