League Of Legends Warwick Rework: Singed Turns Champion Into Fantasy Wolverine

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League Of Legends Warwick Rework

Recently, Riot Games released a new short story “Engineering the Nightmare” detailing one of Singed’s experiments. More than just a complimentary short story, the experimented person’s lore could potentially be the reworked Warwick all along. Here’s what we know so far about the League of Legends Warwick rework according to this story.

Singed’s Experiment

According to the official League of Legends story site, the “Engineering the Nightmare” story chronicles Singed’s experiment on “Subject#1088.” Apparently, Singed has found a “cutthroat with a beast within” in Zaun and captured him to supposedly make a “chimeric predator” in Zaun. The point of torturing and chopping Subject#1088’s hand off is to provoke the “beast” inside him and to discover his regenerative powers.

Singed proceeds to pump concoctions and even install a large metal claw on Subject#1088’s newly growing hand to supposedly improve the beast. Near the end, the experimented man managed to break free and supposedly died fighting Singed. The scientist proceeds to dump the deceased experiment, only for it to come back and destroy the laboratory through the back door.

Fantasy Wolverine

So far, Subject#1088’s character literally translates into Marvel’s Wolverine which both have regenerative powers and uses claws to fight. Potentially, Subject#1088 could be the League of Legends Warwick rework character himself. The story didn’t explicitly mention that the “beast” is supposed to be a werewolf or just an angry claw man. However, clawing his enemies and healing up in  battle is the core gameplay of Warwick in the game. With this, it’s possible that the League of Legends Warwick rework is coming soon.

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Warwick’s Old Lore

In his current story, Warwick was a Zaunite specimen hunter that wanted to complete a concoction of inhuman power to help him cope with his growing clientele. For the final part of the concoction, he needed a heart of a celestial being and he opted to hunt Soraka for it. Warwick deceived Soraka to get her trust and get a chance to take her heart. However, Soraka placed a curse on Warwick in a fit of rage after he stabbed her and realized his deception. Warwick was forced to return home and take the incomplete concoction despite Singed’s explanations. The incomplete concoction turned him into a werewolf with heightened hunting senses. However, he tends to kill targets every time and feels that he may slowly become fully feral if this continues. He hopes to take Soraka’s celestial heart someday in hopes of fixing his transformation for good.

However, this new “Engineering the Nightmare” story depicts that Singed and possibly Warwick had a torn relationship rather than staying friends. If Subject#1088 is really Warwick, he may be inexplicably angry in reference to the unwanted experimentation or calm referencing his words before the experimentation. However, we’ll have to wait for an official confirmation if this short story is truly connected to the rework or not.

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