League Of Legends Warwick Rework Trailer: New Cinematic Shows Visual Update Changes, More Details Coming In February

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League Of Legends Warwick Rework

Recently, Riot Games has rolled out the “Warwick: Wrath of Zaun” trailer. The teaser shows Warwick killing two hunters who were on to him. The previous Singed short story did tease the new champion as the mentioned metal claw improvement was found on the new Warwick. Here’s what we know so far about the new League of Legends Warwick Rework trailer.

Warwick Rework

As shown in the “Warwick: Wrath of Zaun” teaser, Fleg and Boggin are seen trying to escape Warwick. However, Warwick showcased a bit of his werewolf abilities and supposedly kills both of them anyway. Riot Games may have teased some of his potential abilities like still being able to track bleeding targets and being able to pounce on his targets.

Singed’s Escaped Experiment

At best, the previous Singed short story about his human experiment is definitely linked to the reworked Warwick’s form. Singed tortured Warwick until his werewolf form manifested entirely. Potentially, Warwick may not be a feral being as it was still able to particularly destroy Singed’s laboratory before escaping for good. More than just being a werewolf, Warwick seems to have a metal claw that augments itself according to his mood. In the teaser, Warwick’s metal claw was pumped with green liquid and glowed when he was ready to fight again. Warwick may have a strong metal claw attack that might replace his old attack.

Farewell to Old Warwick

So far, the current Warwick hasn’t had his abilities touched since his release back in Season 1. His basic skill kit just included a strong lifesteal strike, team attack speed buff, and a passive for smelling low health targets. Lastly, his ultimate will make him instantly move near an enemy champion and incapacitate them with a flurry of claws. So far, Warwick’s kit allows him to be a durable tank and effective assassin champion but simple to counter with the right picks. Riot Games might be interested in reworking their early champions and unpicked characters to make them relevant in the game’s meta or just have a fresh gameplay.

Previously, Riot Games promised to rework Ryze, Warwick, and Yorick which makes them keep their promise on their champions. However, the League of Legends Warwick rework isn’t the end of it as they still promised on reworking Galio and at least ten other champions. The Riot Product Manager has also confirmed that there will be a new “State of Champion” blog coming out this end of January or early February. More of the League of Legends Warwick rework might be revealed on those dates.

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