League Of Legends Warwick Rework Abilities: New Skill Kit Has Crowd Control, Skillshot Ultimate, And More!

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League Of Legends Warwick Rework Abilities

Recently, Riot Games revealed the League of Legends Warwick Rework Abilities in a new website and page. While Warwick retains most of his lifesteal and champion tracking abilities, he can now use his abilities more than just auto-attacking. Riot has also confirmed that rookie and inexperienced Junglers can still rely on Warwick to be as effective as his older version.

New League Of Legends Warwick Abilities

According to the official League of Legends Warwick Rework site, the champion definitely gained some new abilities while still keeping his old health sustain capabilities. His health sustain can now come from his innate passive and his Q ability. Warwick’s new Q ability (Jaws of the Beast) makes him lunge a small distance and bite his targets for a healing strike. Players can also hold down the key to make Warwick move through their targets for a possible position advantage. However, we’ve yet to confirm if Jaws of the Beast’s lifesteal can match his old Hungering Strike’s strong healing. Meanwhile, Eternal Thirst still works the same as his old passive, but will only start stealing health if Warwick’s below half health.

Tanky, Disruptive Wolf

His new E ability (Primal Howl) and ultimate (Infinite Duress) allow Warwick to take heavy damage and deal some good crowd control against the enemy team. The new E ability allows him to have a defensive buff when it’s active. Upon reactivation or buff expiration, Warwick will let out a howl that causes a Fear debuff on nearby enemies. Lastly, his ultimate has been changed into a skillshot rather than an instantaneous approach. As the instant effect gets removed, the Infinite Duress range is far as seen in its Facebook teaser. Lastly, Infinite Duress will still Incapacitate and deal on-hit effects on its victims but can now be body blocked and miss as it’s now a skill shot. The large ultimate range is similar to Warwick’s final leap intended to chase a hunter in the recent Warwick teaser video.

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Still A Blood Hunter

Before the rework, Warwick’s previous title was “The Blood Hunter.” His W ability allows him to chase down dying enemy champions as he gains immense movement speed when moving toward them. Warwick also gains increased attack speed on “Blood Hunt” targets. These bonuses are also tripled once his targets reach critical health. Blood Hunt can also be casted willingly to chase a champion even at full health but has a long cooldown.

At best, the new League of Legends Warwick Rework Abilities still makes him functional with sustain and more tools to make him useful in a team fight. Old Warwick players can still rely on him as long as they play his abilities smartly since they’re similar with the old one. As the Ryze, Yorick, and Warwick reworks have been completed, the next reworks in line could be Galio or any of the other champions that RiotProduct Manager Reav3 mentioned previously.

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