League of Legends to Work More on Diversity with Women Champions

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Riot games is now working towards building diversity among female champions in League of Legends. If you have noticed, female champions in League of Legends features slim, athletic, and busty body types. Male champions however, have different body types. You can see fat bodies, slim bodies, bony bodies, overly-buffed bodies, and ?muscles that breeds more muscles? type of bodies. Male champions have everything.

Riot games suddenly got hit by social awareness. Social awareness is common among video games these days. LGBT communities are rampant among MMORPG?s. Women bans on tournaments have been lifted to promote equality. So why not put a champion in the game that is more socially visible in a real world community?

This move that Riot games will take is driven by several fan requests for diversity on female champions. Riot games made an announcement during the Comic-Con saying that they will implement ?new strategies for what [their]?champions look like?. They will focus more on the body type, body shape and make new champions ?not like other guys?.

League of Legends producer, Omar Kendall stated that Riot Games will be working on a new champion upon the requests of several fans about diversity. He also stated that the term ?Diversity? is a category for the new champion design.

Creating characters for the game is quite difficult. Also if you are playing the game, sometimes you address a specific character based on their physical appearance. If you are talking about ?Teemo? in League of Legends, the first thing that players will remember aside from the name would be its cute face and tiny body.

That is the concept that Game Designer Brian Feeney is trying to emphasize. Feeney considers character silhouettes are important to game design. Now that they are considering more diversity with female champions, exploring different female body types will allow Riot to play more with silhouettes.


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