League of Legends Skin Codes To Be Deactivated By Riot Games Amidst Proliferation of Fraudulent, Third-Party Skin Resellers

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Riot Games moves to deactivate League of Legends skin codes to minimize scams

The number of League of Legends players scammed into buying rare skin codes is rising; these rare skins have expensive price tags and after paying for them online, the products are never delivered to the players. Because of this, the game?s developer, Riot Games, has announced that it is deactivating previously released skin codes in an attempt to diminish third-party sites selling those fraudulent skin codes.

In the past months, the trend of buying and selling special codes from third-party sources to obtain extra gaming content has been taking the gaming world by storm. Aside from the burgeoning League of Legends codes ?black market,? players of the popular Call of Duty: Ghosts games are also benefitting from the codes buy-and-sell trend.

One method that Riot Games has placed to monetize the free-to-play League of Legends game is by selling skins. These content codes are used to change the appearance and color of the playable character. Apparently, Riot has also allowed the third-party sources to sell these skins. But they now realize, belatedly, that there?s no way for players to differentiate legit sellers from scammers.

As such, Riot Games has spoken to different online payment processors to withhold service to fraudulent websites. ?They are also moving to deactivate skin codes released prior to April 2014 as these skins do not have expiration dates, unlike later releases. For players who do have a legitimate skin code that needs redeeming, they would have to send their proof of ownership to League of Legends Player Support.

Developer Riot Games has aired their side on this issue. This is what they said as posted on the League of Legends website:

“Getting scammed sucks. Unfortunately the internet is full of shady people who take advantage of others. At Riot we strive to protect players from these scammers, and recently we?ve noticed an increase in fraud around 3rd party skin sites and skin reselling.

These sites promise limited edition skins for League of Legends, when in reality they acquire codes illegitimately and exploit players. They charge excessive prices (we found one skin for over $1,000!) and sometimes take payment and never provide the content. You can?t predict the outcome, and no purchase is ever guaranteed regardless of what the seller says. To make matters worse these services typically use bots. Bots are lame to play with and chew up additional server bandwidth, negatively impacting everyone.”


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