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League of Legends S6 Thresh Guide: Support Your Way to Diamond

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Hello! My name is Adz and I?m a Diamond support main. I will introduce you to my most beloved champion, who became one of my stepping stones to Diamond: Thresh, the God Support.

Thresh is a champ who has been in the spotlight for the longest time, since he was first introduced. He was a champ who influenced Worlds and became one of the safest picks for supporting. Thresh still dominates solo q at an effective win rate. In contrary to most guides claiming Thresh is ?easy?and ?his mechanics are simple?, he isn?t as easy as you think. As your rank gets higher and higher, it becomes harder and harder to land those skillshots. However, with some practice, you can easily save team members with your lantern or catch enemies with your death sentence. The key to a great Thresh is landing those hooks, those other components can be mastered easily. I will give you some tips and add some videos to help you get those hooks on point. Remember, a guide is useless without practice. Play some customs and spam Thresh all you want to get those hooks connecting.

Things you should know about Thresh before we start.

  • One soul= one minion, and should be remembered. You should collect as many souls as you can without risking getting caught It’s the best way to gain armor, and is usually the reason MR is best with Thresh if you get many souls in a game.
  • The hook travel time is a bit slow, so if you’re new to Thresh, don?t even think about going to ranked games. A missed hook already wastes precious seconds in a teamfight. Practice landing those hooks in normal games.
  • If you are new to Thresh, flash hooks are a big? ?NO?. Your prediction skills are still bad, and you’ll hit a minion or just totally miss. If you really want to try flash hooks, practice pulling off normal hooks first.
  • When you land a hook, walk backwards. It makes you safer, and on the second tug pulls them to a safer distance to fight. Hitting Q a second time will pull you within enemy range.
  • If you are really close to them and they are trying to run away, flay backwards into the hook to ensure no flash dodges. Once your abilities are on cooldown continue to AA, since Thresh’s auto damage is decent at early levels.

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