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League of Legends S6 Gangplank Guide By Diamond Player: Loot, Plunder, Pillage and Play

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Gangplank has been reworked recently, giving him a small difficulty change. Gangplank is a great champion and is really fun to use and he can incur insane amounts of damage.

Gangplank is inconspicuous even though he carries a pistol around. He has so-so mobility, huge damage output that can reach the farthest edge of the map. He is one scary old man with the most fun laugh ever (his accent is pretty cool, too).

The sheer power and damage than you can unleash is ridiculously OP at times. The combination of a passive that deals true damage on basic attacks, huge critical strikes and a kit that lets you deal AoE damage, as well as a mobility boost, will leave your opponents having a pretty hard time trying to shut you down. ?However, regardless of being a pirate, this guy is pretty squishy. But don?t worry, I will give you some tips to manage staying alive and deal damage at the same time.

This guide is made totally with toplane in mind but you can still use it to dominate mid lane.


Dangerous as hell

As I?ve said earlier, Gangplank can deal a huge amount of damage! His basic attacks, crit and items combined with his Q. Parrrley will allow you to burst a squishy enemy champion. One critical strike with Parrrley and you?ve shredded half of their HP at the most.

Earn a ton of Gold!

Gangplank’s ?Parrrley and ?Cull will earn Gangplank ridiculous amounts of Gold, making him able to reach full build faster, therefore getting item-locked faster than your enemies.

Very, very hard to catch

Gangplank has a very convenient heal and CC remove ability in the form of ?Remove Scurvy. Gangplank is very difficult to kill, let alone catch. He has a free Quicksilver Sash with a heal and a much shorter cooldown. ??????????????

A Threat From the Other Side of the Map

Cannon Barrage is an ability with global range and three unique upgrades. ?You can turn Gangplank dangerous from even at the opposite side of the map. This means that you can assist in teamfights from anywhere! Even your own base.

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