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League of Legends S6 Gangplank Guide By Diamond Player: Abilities Explained (Part 1)

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Though Gangplank is a very powerful champion, He does have a few cons which you might want to consider before picking him in a matchup.


Team dependent

Gangplank shines in team fights. ?He is basically a champion that doesn?t go all-in. This means ?Gangplank won’t be very useful if enemies can catch him alone and off-guard.

Needs some time to set up

The powerful ?Powder Kegs need some time to set up. This means that ?Gangplank may have some difficulty against champions who are focused in close combat, for example, Fiora or Darius.

No strong escapes

Gangplank has no ability that can help him escape bad situations. This means that ?Flash is pretty much your only option. This lack of escape mechanism will often be a large disadvantage against champions with good chasing power.

Go too near the teamfight and die

Gangplank is a melee champion. This means that he will have a hard time if paired up against a ranged champion who has good sustained damage and can kite to save their life.

Example Build


Trial by Fire

This is Gangplank?s harass and poke passive. It deals true damage over a period of time. The strategy here is very simple. Get your cs while your passive is on cooldown. If it?s up, go and shoot your opponent with Parrrley. Destroying a Powder Keg will refresh your passive?s cooldown, so you can use it as a combo to constantly harass your opponent.


Parrrley is Gangplanks main damage source and is certainly his most annoying ability. It is a good ranked harass, poke and procs critical strikes, your passive and pretty much anything that your auto-attack can. It gives you bonus gold if you kill a minion and gives you the currency to upgrade your ultimate Cannon Barrage. In laning phase, you need to use this ability to farm as much as possible early on. ?The only exception would be to get your harass in, if your passive is up, or to kill a Powder Keg for a ranged poke. You need to max this out first to get as much gold as you can and to upgrade your ultimate faster.

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