League of Legends Player Keeps Playing, Even In a Hospital, With a Collapsed Lung

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Hai in Hospital Bed
Hai in Hospital Bed

Last weekend, LoL player and Cloud 9 mid-laner Hai was diagnosed with a collapsed lung. Though it was not as serious that would cripple him for good and he will recover with enough rest. He won?t be making it for the next week?s League of Legends All Star Event at La-Zenith in Paris though.

There are tons of people who would dedicate a lot ?to their videogaming and in ways, normal people would find bizarre. Some would take it to the extremes like skipping a day or two of school or work just to play or try out the newly released game. Some would postpone other matters just to have the chance to have more time playing their much-loved titles. Pro LoL player Hai Lam, however, pushes this concept of ?dedication? to another level.

It is more than just a hobby to him. It is his clearly his passion. He plays for the North-American League of Legends team called Cloud 9. The team is sponsored by big, well-known brands like Logitech and Alienware. He tweeted that he suffered a collapsed lung, which will prevent him from attending the event.

Even in the hospital bed, nothing stopped him from doing what he loves and he still kept playing the game and even streamed it. He had a little bit of ?trouble? for the first 15 minutes of his game, trying to find out the best and most comfortable configuration in his ?Hospital Bed Setup?, but fellow gamers welcomed him and was amazed by his sheer amount of dedication to the game.

?I appreciate all the support guys, I?ll be good, but just super bummed I can’t go to Allstars after working so hard :(. Hope team does well.? Hai said on his Twitter.

Later, Hai said that he was starting to feel and get better, but still, no way for him to attend the event. He was, however, excited about announcing the person who will be a stand-in for his post in the team.

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