League of Legends Patch 4.12 Might Cause Angry Mobs

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League of Legends, one of the most popular MMO games, will be having a major update. League of Legends Patch 4.12 will include some of the most crucial fixes and rebalances for champions, items, and even jungling strategies.

One of the many fixes that they have featured in their official patch notes is the Jungle Timer. Now, summoners will be able to check jungle monsters through the scoreboard screen. You will now know when the next Ancient Golems, Dragons, Elder Lizards, and Baron will spawn. However, the timer will only be given to those champions who have a vision of the neutral creature dying. The timer will be a crucial addition to the game since killing these monsters give certain buffs to champions.

In addition to the Jungle Timer, League of Legends will now be more ?noob friendly?. Intro bots will help new players to learn the ways of League of Legends. Coop vs AI mode features the basics of the game.

Several champions will also have their skills fixed. The champion, Lucian, will get a major pumping while his weakness is being exposed. You can also watch MsPudding talk about the recent update.

According to Riot Games:

?Our design philosophy when approaching a strong champion is to highlight their strengths while also emphasizing their weaknesses?

Lucian, considered as one of the strongest ADR champions in League of Legends, is known for its burst damage and high mobility. This is the reason why most teams during a competitive game always have this champ on their list.

?This mostly relates to the concept of meaningful choices, where we want that champ to maintain their strategic value while also having some tradeoff that enemies can play against. Specifically for Lucian, his high generic power meant he could just be blindly picked without much consideration for the enemy team?

There are other champions who got their skills revamped as well. However, with the said changes, a lot of players might go on a rage as they will have to revise their build when playing their favorite champions.


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