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League of Legends News: Riot Offers Free Hero Starter Pack, Lunar Revel Event To Kick Off 2016

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Are you finally planning to jump into League of Legends (LoL) this year? Then you?re in luck, because Riot Games is offering a free starter pack for all League players via Amazon. Included in the bundle is a small collection of eight heroes and two XP boosts that will surely be of help to any new player trying to climb LoL?s competitive ranks.

Here?s the full list of features in the pack:

  • ???????The Starter Pack contains the following champions: Ashe, Garen, Ryze, Annie, Warwick, Nunu, Master Yi, and Sivir.
  • ???????1 10 Win XP Boost and 1 4 Win XP Boost

This selection of heroes covers all the key roles in the game, and will give newcomers a strong foundation to build?their League of Legends career on.?To claim this pack, simply follow the instructions on the offer page to link your Amazon account to your League of Legends account. This can be done on a brand new or existing LoL account, so more experienced players who are still missing some of these champions from their collection can also get them. Keep in mind though that this is only open to players on the North American server. The promo runs from Jan. 22 to Feb. 4, 11:59 pm, so interested players better act fast.

In addition, Riot is celebrating the coming Lunar New Year by bringing back the Lunar Revel event. The developer has been quiet on the features coming to this year?s installment of the event, only offering this animated splash page on their website. If it?s anything like previous years, you can expect special champion skins, icons, and chests to be offered throughout the two-week festivities.

Lunar Revel 2016 kicks off on Jan. 26 and will run until Feb. 8. Stay tuned to Riot?s website and social media pages for more news on the special features being added.


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