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League of Legends Kalista S6 Guide: Summoner Spells and Masteries

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Heal: Heal is the most common, defensive summoner spell to keep you alive in trades and give you a speed boost for chasing enemies or escaping.

CLEANSE: Cleanse is a very useful summoner spell to avoid CC. It is recommended to use this Summoner Spell against heavy CC matchups. Remember that you can also buy a Quicksilver Sash if you don?t want to get cleanse.

Take Note: Cleanse does not interrupt Malzahar’s, Warwick’s or Skarner’s ultimate and Cleanse also doesn?t work when you want to leave ?Tahm Kench’s stomach. Also, you cannot clear ??Zed’s ??Death Mark with ??Cleanse! Might as well go with Quicksilver Sash so that you can cancel these abilities.


This is a standard AD Carry rune page, which should be used in almost all of your games. It gives you all the base values you’ll need for most AD Carries in the game.

The new mastery system works really great with Kalista. With the introduction of the new masteries you cannot say that one mastery page is the one and only for a champion or role.


  1. ??????Fury > ?Sorcery, because it gives you a great attack speed boost.
  2. ??????Double Edged Sword or Feast: I would prefer Feast because the sustain is just great. If you take Double Edged Sword you have to be careful because you will take an additional 2% damage.
  3. ??????Vampirism > ?Natural Talent :I picked because 10 AD on level 18 is barely useful. Vampirism’s lifesteal is just a better option if you want to farm longer in your lane.
  4. ??????Bounty Hunter > Oppressor: You don’t have much CC to begin with, so it is better to go on the 5% more damage in the late game. (1% per enemy champion killed)
  5. ??????Battering Blows > Piercing Thoughts: Simply because you need armor penetration as an AD Carry.

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