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League of Legends Kalista S6 Guide: Summoner Spells and Masteries Continued

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  1. ??????Fervor of Battle > Warlord’s Bloodlust: Because you will stay in the backline auto-attacking, Fervor of Battle will be your best option. Only take Warlord’s Bloodlust if you plan to extend till very LATE game.


  1. ??????Wanderer or ?Savagery: Savagery deals more damage to minions and monsters.

For short, this will make your farming really easy. The out of combat movement speed is only good for roaming or going back to lane. You won?t be roaming around much early so just don?t get it.

  1. ??????Secret Stash > Runic Affinity: You don?t need the longer buffs. It is only really good for junglers and midlaners, but as an ADC the cookies are still better.
  2. ??????Merciless > ?Meditation: You don?t really need mana regeneration because Rend refunds you of your mana anyway, but higher damage to champions below 40% is really great for ADCs.
  3. ??????Dangerous Game > Bandit: You should get Dangerous Game all the time, because Bandit is just for supports. Dangerous Game restores you 5% of your missing health and mana if you happen to get a kill or an assist.


BLADE OF THE RUINED KING: This Item is still the best first item for Kalista. It gives you decent lifesteal, a way to sustain, an activate-able slow, attack speed and damage based on an enemies HP.

BERSERKER’S GREAVES: As most ADCs, you will be getting berserker?s greaves.

RUNAAN’S HURRICANE:?This is still a great item for Kalista because of your passive. You can then Rend 3 champions at the same time, this makes farming and of course attacking multiple enemies easier. Now you need to follow up with Critical Strike (Infinity Edge).

INFINITY EDGE: This item has replaced Bloodthirster in this build. It is a great pair with Runaan’s Hurricane.

3?Lord Dominik’s Regards in most of your games as Kalista. Mortal Reminder is only to counter self-healing champions like Mundo, Swain or Warwick.

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