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League of Legends Kalista S6 Guide: Helpful Tips and Abilities

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Don?t Forget:

? ????????Your jump?s range scales with the boots you are wearing! So if you don?t have boots yet, obviously you won?t be jumping that far. Tiers are as follows: No boots ?> Normal boots ( Boots of Speed) > Full Boots ( Berserker’s Greaves)

? ????????The quickness of your jumps scales with your movement speed! It is taken from overall movement speed not only from the boots, but for other items as well.

? ????????The jump scales with your attack speed! The more auto-attacks you do the more jumps you will be doing. One auto-attack = one jump.

? ????????Here are the jump range values: No boots = 250 units > Boots of Speed = 300 units > Berserker’s Greaves = 350 units

? ????????Switch your trinket from ?Warding Totem to ?Farsight Alteration as soon as you hit level 9. Farsight Alteration gives you ways to check objectives away from imminent danger.

Kalista`s abilities are very unique and good in their own ways. She can provide a lot of damage to a team fight and also peel herself a lot better than other AD carry’s.

Passive – ?Martial Poise RANGE: 250 / 300 / 350 (scales with tier of boots)

? ????????Kalista jumps a small distance after every auto-attack or Pierce (Q)

? ????????Check out this video so you can see which walls you can jump over:


Kalista cannot cancel her basic attack wind-up except by selecting a new target within her range, and her attacks miss if she loses sight of her target before they hit. This is Kalista?s kite insane kiting ability. If you use this properly you can dodge every skill shot with ease. You just need to practice to land in the right spots.


? ????????Basic damage, depending on ability-level: 10 / 70 / 130 / 190 / 250

? ????????Mana cost, depending on ability-level: 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 / 70

? ????????AD Scaling is at100%

? ????????Cooldown: 8 seconds

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