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League of Legends Kalista S6 Guide: Dominating Botlane

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Hello! I am Adz a former Diamond Player from Season 5. Shout-outs to my friends over at the Canadian League of Legends community for supporting my guides! Anyway, today, I will be introducing you to one of the most tricky ADCs to play; Kalista.

She is one of the ADCs I love to play with (because she is fun and jumpy). If you have used her at least once or twice, you will know what I mean. She is very fun to play because how she can dodge most skill shots by just auto attacking and for me she is a slightly longer-ranged version of Vayne. You might learn a lot or very little from this guide, depending really on how knowledgeable you are of the game already. However, a little learning is already good enough from not learning at all right? So sit back and focus, and try to take all this in ?one go.

Why Should I Get or Not Get Kalista


+ Very Fun Champ to Play

+ Great kiting and chasing

+ Very Mobile Champ

+ You can save your teammate with your Ultimate

+ Enemies will have a hard time chasing you when you are not CC-ed

+ Great Farming Ability (Rend)

+ Average Early Game, Strong mid and late game


– Very squishy.

– Requires skill and experience using other ADCs

– Early game harass is pretty so-so

– Gets stronger as the game progresses

– Very item dependent

– falls behind of Hyper-carries like Vayne and Jinx in VERY late game.

– Can?t fight alone

– Can only fight with a support or the whole team

Summoner Spells:


Flash is a Summoner Spell every AD Carry should have. Flash is the most important Summoner Spell to make plays, to escape, to chase and even turn the tide of teamfights! It is recommended to use Flash defensively, and try to find other means to escape like jumping backwards with ??Martial Poise to keep your flash.

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