League of Legends Hacker Made $1000 a Day

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League of Legends hacker, Shane ?Jason? Duffy reportedly had his house raided by the Australian Cybercrime Unit after several complaints by Riot Games. Duffy managed to get out of jail by posting his bail. At the first look, Duffy looks like just an ordinary PC guy. However, before he was caught, he was already making $1000 a day.

That?s a lot of cash! ?And he has been doing this since 2012!

Back in 2012, a lot of hackers reportedly managed to gain access to League of Legends? servers. They were able to access all of the transactions that were made in the game. Even with highly sophisticated encryptions, they were able to bypass it. Payment information, personal account information, and other options were at their disposal. This event was kept hidden until 2013, when players began to notice that their accounts have been blocked and some of them were even transferred to different places.

Duffy managed to get his hands on the account of a Senior Riot Employee through brute force attack. Using the Senior Riot employee?s password, he was able to create and install some kind of a backdoor software to monitor all processes happening inside Riot?s servers. Duffy and a group of hackers were able to filter and screen transactions and had access to over 24 million accounts.

However, Riot was able to shut it down and strengthen any possible loopholes that hackers might target next. But Duffy already got what he came for.

With access to over 24 million accounts, he created is a service that allows players to pay and have any of those 24 million accounts knocked out of the game. Not only that, Duffy?s site also offered DDoS attacks to help players win the game just as easy as pie.

Duffy was not able to keep his profile low as he began bragging around Reddit. Police took him to custody and his trial takes place this 24th of July.


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