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League of Legends Guide From A Diamond Player: How To Be The Best Vayne, What You Should Know First (Part 1

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Good day! My? name Adz, a Diamond Player from the Sea Server, and I will introduce you to my favorite kiting marksman; Vayne!

Vayne is a fun and mechanically challenging champion to play. Don?t get me wrong, she is easy to play, but very hard to master. Once you have played her for a couple of games, you will start to understand how she works as a champion and in team fights. I will give you a basic breakdown of what she does and how to play her effectively.

This guide will feature masteries, runes, skill builds, item builds and pretty much everything there is to know about this great champion. If you have any inputs feel free to comment so we can update the guide if necessary.

Take note of these Abbreviations first before we get started:

Dmg – Damage

AS – Attack speed

AD – Attack damage

AP – Ability power

AA – Auto attack

MR – Magic resist

MS – Movement speed

ADC – Attack damage carry/Marksman

CS – Creep Score

CC – Crowd Control



  • Very effective late game. She can shred even the tankiest champs with ease.
  • Can escape most ganks with ult +? Tumble
  • Great mobility and kiting ability
  • Tankbusting with her W Silver Bolts
  • Easy early game CS with? Silver Bolts
  • Can evade skillshots using? Tumble


  • Once you get? chained CC’ed you are pretty much dead (Most marksmen are very vulnerable to Crowd Control)
  • Very weak early game.
  • If you tumble in the wrong direction you will get hit by a skillshot in the face
  • Shut her down early and she?ll be useless
  • Very low range
  • Condemn is a hit or miss. A condemn can either kill your enemy or save them



Flash is a spell you should take at all times! You are very squishy and that small distance leap would mean the difference between living and dying. A flash can help you reposition, dodge skillshots and escape difficult situations.

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