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?League of Legends? Champions Update: 5.22 Patch Details, New Champion Illaoi Introduced

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Check out the details for the latest 5.22 version of the hit MOBA game.

This would be the biggest patch update for League of Legends yet, this includes some balance fixes on the champions and some fixes on the bugs, and this also introduces a new champion. The upcoming champion Illaoi, the kraken priestess will be the latest champion to join the game.

According to Riot Games, Illaoi will be more of a solo lane hero, providing major damage during team clashes, Illaoi is more on going for the frontline, but it was recommended that players take extra precaution in early games, as the champion may be strong, but its speed is slow. You can learn more about Illaoi the kraken priestess as well as her skills by heading to the profile link.

Aside from a new champion, Riot plans to make a major overhead to the entire game, from the heroes up to the game client itself. They already have conducted to changes on the test servers and some of them are ready to be previewed to the community. On patch 5.22, you will see some major overhauls for champions like Caitlyn, Corki, Graves, Kog’Maw, Miss Fortune and Quinn, though it was noted that some changes may vary from hero to hero. The latest patch will also introduce a new mastery system, according to Riot, this will also make the game more approachable than it was before when it felt overwhelming to some new players.

There are also some changes that were made on patch 5.22 of League of Legends, which also introduces new items. The whole patch note is so massive, that we would recommend checking the official patch notes link from the League of Legends website for more details. League of Legends is currently the most popular massive Online Battle Arena game, which is then followed by DoTA 2 from Valve.

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