‘League of Legends 2’ is Impossible According To Riot Games

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League Of Legends
League Of Legends

Yes. You?ve read the title correct. There will never be any ?League of Legends 2? or something that will follow the original game. Too bad, because if there is a developer who certainly has the right to make sequels, one of the few would be Riot Games with the multiplayer game ?League of Legends?. It has more than 27 million players. However, there will never be a sequel to the game and Riot Games did confirm this.

Riot Games did mention in a recent interview with Polygon that having a sequel for League of Legends is not part of any of their plans. Brent Critchfield intends to regularly update the online-only game instead and focus more on patches that will improve the game and reduce the occurrences of bugs and glitches. He said that he wants his ?grand-children? to play this game.

It is, indeed, an audacious thing to say, but Riot Games is confident anyway. ?With the number of people playing the game, and steadily increasing from time to time, they are making sure that the game gets better and better. With great patches, like April?s update on bots that actually plays out like real-life players, Riot Games are, in no way, pressured to release any new game at all.

Riot Games hasn?t been around for this year?s E3, and they have their reasons. No hardware or title to sell and LoL gamers don?t consider E3, as their cup of tea. However, they will be making their presence at the upcoming Gamescom, which regularly holds League Of Legends tournament annually.

Regardless, with or without a sequel, League of Legends is already one solid multiplayer game. With the constant stream of updates, a lot has already changed in the overall experience of the game, but sometimes, people long for something entirely new. What are your thoughts on this one? Leave your comments below and let us know!

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