League Of Legends Yorick Rework: What To Expect In 6.18 Update

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League of Legends Yorick Rework

Recently, Riot Games implemented the Yorick visual and skill kit rework in the 6.18 patch. Previously, Yorick was a ?gravedigger? champion that had an unusual skill kit that allows him to be imposing in fights and even use an ultimate that works better if an ally is slain. Here?s what to expect in the League of Legends Yorick rework in the upcoming 6.18 update.

In his reworked skill kit, Yorick retains his auto attack cancel with his Q ability and chase potential with his W and E abilities? specialties similar to his previous version. His new ultimate, Eulogy of the Isles, allows him to summon the Maiden of the Mist that deals heavy damage; Yorick deals more %HP health damage if he also hits his target.

Additionally, his new W ability erects a wall of destructible terrain which may allow Yorick to trap escaping foes. His new unique passive also allows him to raise minions from spawned graves to help him fight and overwhelm his foes. So far, his skill kit in the League of Legends Yorick rework may provide some straightforward damage, zoning, and crowd control for the team he?s in.

Previously, Yorick?s concept revolved around exhausting his basic skill cooldowns and having ghouls that buff his damage and health. This design turns Yorick into a massive juggernaut that is difficult to fight in duels due to his movespeed buff, crowd control, and continuous lifesteal sustain while he pressures the foe with auto attacks. Additionally, his previous Ultimate allowed him to raise his fallen ally to fight some more. Carries can actually be risky as Yorick can bring them back for the fight?s duration if they ever get bursted down. However, this advantageous ultimate is a lackluster move as it has to force a death to activate. His ultimate could even be entirely avoided if the team manages to keep every ally alive after a teamfight for an optimal push or for taking a map objective quickly.

Once the League of Legends patch 6.18 goes on live servers, expect players to try Yorick out as he?s a new addition to the game. Make sure to play a champion that?ll be able to pressure him like those with range advantage and hard crowd control. Since the inclusion of Kled, Riot Games seems to have been implementing champions that help players lead the charge for a teamfight. Make sure to punish sloppy and careless charges to have the advantage in the match.
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