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League of Legends Winter Map Release: Top 3 Things You Can Expect

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With Christmas just around the corner, the people at Riot Games are cooking up something to help us celebrate this joyous festivity. For the coming month of December, the League of Legends winter map update may give us a gift we are longing to have.

The League of Legends winter map update includes a new add-on for the already famous game. What better way to spice up the holiday spirit than with a new update for the Summoner?s Rift map. This is the next update that the game is going to focus on.

Let us first do a quick review of the recent League of Legends update. As we can recall, the latest update (which is patch 6.22) includes assassins rework and refurbishments on other champions. Basically, the team at Riot games focused more on the champions. This time, they will do their work on the League of Legends winter map project.


This awaited project will include several changes such as candles that are numerously placed around the map and monsters wearing scarfs and mittens to keep themselves armed for the cold season. The map will be similar to the default one. The difference is that the color scheme for the new map will be white and snow, as compared to the original one which has a green and brown theme.

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Winter Theme

With regards to the enemy?s get-up, your creeps and creatures will be dressed with mittens, Santa hats and scarves to complete the winter feel of the new map. Also, players can look forward to the new winter-themed skins that the champions can use in this League of Legends winter map update.

Special Advantage

If you fancy ice wielding champions like Ashe, Anivia, Sejuani, LIssandra, Braum and the likes, this is an even better news for you. This winter theme map will be a perfect match for the characters because of their skills. They can also use the winter element of the map to their advantage.

The release of the new League of Legends winter map update is still not confirmed, but since the theme is winter, it is safe to assume that it will be released by December. Hopefully, the developers will include this in their next patch, 6.23, with the famed Elementalist Lux in it.

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