League Of Legends Update: Riot Buffs Kalista

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League of Legends Update

Recently, the League of Legends Public Beta Environment rolled out a new patch on the test servers. So far, the known changes are still few, but it does confirm Kalista buffs that may make her viable to be picked again. Here?s what we know so far about the Kalista buff in the League of Legends update in the PBE.

Rend Buff

According to Surrender@20, Kalista has received a buff on her Rend ability which allows her to keep stacking spears even when Rend is on cooldown. Potentially, this allows her to become a threat as high stacks of Rend spears can prove fatal even to the most durable tanks. Lastly, her Rend cooldown reset and mana refund now only need at least one kill to trigger the effects instead of separate effects. Easily, this amps up Kalista?s viability in picks once she?s implemented in the live servers. However, these are not the full League of Legends update in the PBE servers, so this may be subject to changes.

Competitive Kalista So Far

Currently, Kalista is considered out of the game?s meta in the recent League of Legends build. ?Previously, she?s one of the game?s reliable Marksmen as she can win team fights early with her damage or stack her Rend to win extended fights. It?s possible that the Assassin reworks encouraged an Assassin-focused meta which keeps her in danger and with fewer tanks to stack spears with. On corylulu?s thread on the League of Legends Reddit, players admit that she is more viable to pick with this update, but she may not have Solo Queue use with just these two buffs.

Perhaps the nerf to Rend gives a heavy dilemma to Kalista players in trading stacked damage for a slow movement speed. Players against Kalista can use this as an opening to rush Kalista down through her team if she opts for a slow movement speed. Her attacks won?t stack Rend spears when the skill is on cooldown which makes rushing her down less risky. With the new buff, she retains her Rend spear stack threat as rushing her down may stack spears. All Kalista needs is a clutch escape and her enemies will have to retreat to avoid a team Rend stack damage.

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Other changes

Alternatively, Smite?s base heal amount has been lowered in the League of Legends update in the PBE. Potentially, this may scare off junglers with early game health struggles like Ivern as their Smite may not heal as well. Additionally, lowering the Smite base heal amount will also prevent more instances of clutch heals in jungle fights and chases. As for other changes, Surrender@20 confirmed that changes on Azir, Ivern, Le Blanc, Rengar, Shaco, Taliyah, and the Smite summoner spell will be coming to the live patch of update 6.24 too.

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