League of Legends Update 7.1 Release Date, Champion Buffs And Nerfs, New Skins, And More In Upcoming Patch!

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There is still no official date as to when the next League of Legends update will materialize, but we are hoping that there would be some major changes in it. Listed below are the things that we know so far that will be included in the next patch.

The upcoming League of Legends update listed by?PCGamesN?shows that there is definitely a lot to look forward to in the latest patch. The next patch (7.1) is introducing new skins, champion buffs and nerfs and more. Take note that these are all based on the PBE information. Thus, there is still no guarantee that the data written below will officially be in the next update.

There is still no concrete day as to when the patch will go live. But since releases are usually done every second week of the month, we could expect it in the first two weeks of January 2017.

Champion Balancing, Nerfing and Skins

Included in this upgrade is Karma wherein her ?Focused Resolved? will now only be two sticks instead of three. Also, her ?Defiance? shield value will also be decreased. Next would be Poppy where both her base health regen and health regen will now be decreased from 1.6 to 1.4 ?and 0.16 to 0.15 respectively. Also, her ?Keeper?s Verdict? skill will now deal 50% damage if uncharged. As for Shyvana, her ?Burnout? will no longer add the +20% damage to her enemies.

With regards to the skins, we have a total of six new skins with two themes that they will be based upon. First is the Dreadnova Gangplank which will cost 1350 RP. The next skin would be Warring Kingdoms Azir which will also cost 1350 RP. This new skin will include new VFX and SFX to make it more dramatic. Plus a new recall will be added to this skin.

The third is the Warring Kingdoms Garen which also costs 350 RP. This skill will feature a new model and a new jade-bladed sword. “Dragon Whirlwind” will also be added along with the new recall animation (“Black dance” and “War banner”). This skin will also feature new SFX as well.

Next up in our list is Warring Kingdoms Vi that also costs 350 RP. She will now sport jade gauntlets with matching VFX to further strengthen her fist fights. Her new skin will also have new SFX and animation so players can feel her amazing power when battling her foes.

The fourth skin that we will be looking at is Heartseeker Lucian which is, once again, worth 1350 RP. ?This will include new SFX on his blazer and spell particles in the shape of hearts. He will also have a new recall animation (“Hidden Sexy Sax Man”)

Finally, to bring the new skin stretch to home will be the Heartseeker Quinn which only costs 975 RP. Her skin will include new model and texture for both Quinn and Valor (who will now be a dove). She will also have new particles in the form of Cupid’s arrows. Included in her new skin is a new SFX of doves cooing and a new recall animation (“Won’t You be my Valentine?”

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Finally, as a tradition of every League of Legends update, we will see a new Login Screen. This will probably highlight the new skins for this upcoming patch. So better look forward to all these League of Legends changes.

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