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League of Legends S6 Gangplank Guide By Diamond Player: Abilities (Part 2)

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Although Gangplank’s main source of damage, he does have another ability that complements his Q. He also pack a sustain and a CC remover which is very effective when trying to escape or staying in lane.

Remove Scurvy

Remove Scurvy is the most convenient sustain Gangplank is known for. Not only does it heal a lot, it also nullifies any cc and makes it difficult for your enemy to lock you down. It does cost quite a lot of mana though, so we will take a few points earlier in the game.

Powder Keg

Powder Keg is your second source of damage and is Gangplank?s best source of AoE damage. This ability helps you clear minions faster and also allows you to poke from a distance. We will keep this at level 2 early on and upgrade it only after we?ve maxed out Parrley.

Cannon Barrage

This ultimate provides an AoE damage global slow in a large area, as well as utility. You can pick from 3 upgrades with this ability. You can either cause tons of damage by purchasing Death?s Daughter, damage over time from Fire at Will or utility on teamfights with Raise Morale.


Flat Attack Damage

Flat attack damage really helps Gangplank in a lot ways that other marks won’t provide anywhere near as beneficial. Trial By Fire scales with 120% of the damage provided from Flat AD marks. Secondly, Parrrley and Powder Keg both scale off of 100% of the damage that these will give as they both scale off 100% of your bonus AD. This allows you to do a lot of damage early on and help you last hit minions better.

Scaling/Flat Cooldown Reduction

Scaling and flat cooldown reduction will allow us to get to the appropriate 10% cooldown reduction that we need to have by late game. This will provide a great boost to our cooldowns. You can pair this up with the Intelligence mastery and we can have a really good amount of cooldown reduction that comes free without the need to spend on any cooldown reduction items.

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