League of Legends New Game Mode Nexus Siege: What You Need To Know

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Recently, Riot Games introduced a new League of Legends game mode called Nexus siege on its test servers. It still uses a portion of their original Summoner?s Rift map and introduces a round-based ?offense vs defence team? gameplay that is won by the team, which breaks the enemy nexus faster. Here?s what we know so far about this new League of Legends game mode.

According to Surrender@20, the Nexus Siege game mode is currently live on the League of Legends Public beta environment and will feature only the fountain of the red team and half the map of the blue team. Two teams will contest who gets to attack and defend their nexus from the other team. The winning team will be decided in two rounds, and the team with the shorter nexus clearing time wins the match. Besides bashing turrets and farming up gold with the creeps, both teams will be granted unique gadgets to help apply and alleviate pressure in the game. The game mode is still in its early testing phase, so players shouldn?t expect it to be released soon.

This new game mode may be able to rejuvenate interest in the game, but it also has the risk to be shelved like the Dominion game mode. The unique gadgets in Nexus Siege like the Siege Ballista, Flash Zone, and Obliterator Laser provide a tactical advantage and new features. However, Riot will have to do extra work to balance and generate interest toward this game mode if they want to keep it afloat.

Last February, League of Legends retired the Dominion game mode for good. According to Riot, the low population of this game mode and unhealthy queue times caused it to be finally shut down on League of Legends, but a special game mode returned in its April events. Additionally, Riot balanced their champions to adapt to situations in Summoner?s Rift rather than Dominion which may have affected its meta.

This meta problem may also exist in Nexus Siege as the game will have its own core gameplay due to its different systems and items. The new game mode may also have to keep a healthy amount of players along with Summoner?s Rift or at least match the sleeper popularity of the all-mid 5vs5 map Howling Abyss. We?ll have to wait and see if Riot can successfully balance the champions to cater to both game modes.

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