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League of Legends Kled: Strengths and Weaknesses

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Recently, Riot Games revealed the new League of Legends champion, Kled, the Cantankerous Cavalier. However, players shouldn?t be excited about Kled?s kit due to his punishing weakness when off mount. Here?s what we know so far about Kled?s strengths and weaknesses in the game.

According to the official European League of Legends site, Kled is also a yordle champion that operates in two states: the mounted and dismounted mode similar to Gnar. While mounted, Kled gets to enjoy the full health bonuses of his items. Additionally, his playstyle is often focused on decisive charges due to his ability to increase his team?s movement speed with his ultimate and rapidly burst and hold down key targets with his regular abilities. However, Kled players must also protect themselves during team fights to avoid losing their mount.

Due to his innate passive, Kled and his mount, Skaarl, enjoy some ample durability if they?re not defeated in a fight as they have separate health bars. However, if Skaarl loses all of its health in the fight, it?ll run away and leave Kled in his dismounted mode. A dismounted Kled retains his damage and movespeed bonus when approaching enemy champions.

Despite these bonuses, his health is painstakingly low, similar to regular Marksmen which an enemy assassin can easily dispatch in one combo. Additionally, two of his abilities cannot be used when dismounted, and he is limited to hit and run tactics to avoid risks due to his low health.

If you?re suddenly caught in a bad spot by the enemy team, fill up Courage stacks by hitting enemy Champions, turrets or Large Monsters, and Skaarl will come running back to make you slightly durable again. Due to his initiator skill kit and slightly tanky build, Kled may be seen on the game?s Top Lane or Jungle. If released early, Kled might be part of the champion pool of the upcoming League of Legends World Championship 2016.

His kit shouts ?teamfight initiator,? but he can easily become unreliable once he gets caught badly in the same fight he started. Smart skirmishes and engages make a good Kled, so be sure not to just abuse your abilities when fighting a complete team even when you have the lead. To be safe, have at least one ally join you in your charges in League of Legends to capitalize on your teamfight initiates.

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