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League Of Legends Ivern Teaser Released! What To Expect From The New Champion

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League of Legends Ivern

Recently, Riot Games has released a new League of Legends Champion teaser about ?Ivern: Friend of the Forest?. The new champion is a giant living tree similar to Maokai and focuses on protecting forest creatures and possibly Jungle monsters in game. Despite revealing no Champion stats, the teaser contains potential abilities of the upcoming champion.

Ivern: New Champion

Previously, fans found out about the new League of Legends Ivern champion through the game?s Public Beta Environment servers. An old man?s voice would be played every time a Jungle monster has been slain in the game. Potentially, the new Champion?s skill kit will heavily be tied to Jungle monsters.

Environmental Power

As seen in the League of Legends Ivern teaser, the new champion tied up a spearman with some magic roots to prevent him from hunting the sleeping wolves. It?s possible that he might be a crowd control focused tank. Additionally, the teaser showed that he was able to grow grass into a tall bush to hide himself from the other hunters. Potentially, the new champion might be able to grow brushes anywhere to hide allies and block enemy vision. However, this new brush planting ability may not always trick experienced players as they?ve already known most brush spots in the game.

Definitely Not Maokai

Technically, the League of Legends Ivern addition will give the game its third ?living plant? character. The first two were Maokai and Zyra. Riot has successfully pulled off the difference between Maokai and Zyra due to their different design and abilities. Meanwhile, Ivern and Maokai share the same ?treant? design. Let?s hope that Riot successfully innovates with Ivern to further diversify the game?s meta.

Fans will just have to wait for more announcement after the Ivern?s tease. At best, Ivern?s lore or developer diary will be released first before Riot releases his abilities. As of the Yorick rework patch, Ivern may not make it to the upcoming World Championships this year. The official Worlds patch does not include Ivern yet. However, we may see a sudden rule change as there?s still time before the Worlds Group Stages start on the last week of September and early October.

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