League Of Legends Ivern: Strengths And Weaknesses Of New Champion

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League of Legends Ivern

Recently, Riot Games revealed Ivern?s lore and abilities. League of Legends Ivern?s abilities allow him to earn experience in the jungle, though he mostly has supportive skills. Here?s what we know so about the new champion in League of Legends.

Unique Jungling Mechanic

As seen on the official League of Legends Ivern page, Ivern?s unique passive allows him to bypass fighting any Jungle camp and instead ?free? them through groves. It will take time before Groves become ripe for taking, so feel free to visit lanes or watch key spots while waiting. Once freed, the Jungle camps will grant Ivern the Jungle experience and recovery.

Ivern can also share Jungle buffs with his teammates when he hits level 6. Potentially, he can keep his teammates to maximize Jungle advantage when he?s in the team. His playstyle is almost similar to Bard as they have options to level up without necessarily attacking and just moving around.

Utility Jungler

Mostly, Ivern brings Utility advantage with all of his active abilities. His Rootcaller(Q) is mobility and crowd control tool. Hitting a foe will root them in place and allow Ivern and his allies to pull themselves toward the rooted target?s position. This ability is certainly handy in focusing targets or hunting down stragglers.

Meanwhile, Brushmaker(W) allows him to spawn functional brushes anywhere on the map. Larger Brushes appear if placed near walls or regular brushes. Both allies and enemies can hide in this brush, so be careful in using this tactic. Tactically, this can make teammates briefly untargetable and deny vision for the enemy team. Use this move wisely as it?s a double-edged tool for League of Legends Ivern.

Triggerseed(E) allows Ivern to protect allies with a shield that explodes and damages after a short time. The explosion also slows down foes which could hamper enemy escape or allow your teammate to leave successfully. This ability works similarly to the Face of the Mountain?s item active but with a slight hint of damage.

Lastly, League of Legends Ivern?s Ultimate is Daisy!(R) which allows him to summon ?Daisy?a Golem that can be fought and applies marks per hit. The Golem sends a shockwave that knock ups foes hit if it manages to hit a target thrice. If Ivern?s not a direct threat against the enemy team, Daisy! could be enough to allow Ivern to contribute to hurting or pressuring the enemy team.

Ability reliant and Too Supportive

So far, Ivern?s ability kit doesn?t allow him to trade blows with any champion which makes him a bonafide Support character and slightly ineffective fighter. Ivern must definitely use his abilities wisely if he doesn?t want to become an easy target for the enemy team. Currently, we don?t know yet if Ivern will have an ability with good scalings or if he will be innately tough to tank early on. If he doesn?t have these advantages, prepare to do your best to survive while trying to keep your allies healthy in teamfights. Nevertheless, we might not see Ivern in the upcoming League of Legends Worlds as he is not part of Patch 6.18.

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