League of Legends Fighting Game: Arc System Works Staff Visits Riot Games, New Fighting Possibly Underway

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League of Legends Fighting Game
Source: BLAZBLUE CROSS TAG BATTLE Teaser Trailer video

The Blazblue and Dragon Ball FighterZ devs Arc System Works has confirmed that it made a visit to Riot Games’ offices. Potentially the two companies might be drumming up a League of Legends fighting game in the works.

As seen on the official Arc System Works Twitter, some of the company’s staff have visited Riot Games for an unspecified reason as of now. The post seems appreciative of the hospitality they received from the League of Legends developers. No hints of any partnership between the two companies have been confirmed the post yet.

Arc System Works has taken many fighting games fans for a ride as they have two well-received titles for next year. They’re currently developing a 3v3 team battle featuring Dragon Ball characters with Dragon Ball FighterZ and the four-franchise 2v2 crossover title with BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle. Both titles will feature characters from known anime series, namely Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball and Rooster Teeth’s RWBY, with some addition of various characters from previous 2D Arc System Works fighting games.

Meanwhile, Riot Games is known for its long-running eSport MOBA title, League of Legends, and not much else. However, the company has previously absorbed Radiant Entertainment that was developing Rising Thunder. Radiant Entertainment’s potential IP was going to feature mecha battles and simple controls to help newer players introduce themselves to the fighting game genre. However, the project was axed after they were merged into Riot and they were never heard of again.

Potentially, Riot Games might be willing to venture into their second major title through using their Radiant Entertainment team with the help of Arc System Works. The Japanese fighting game developers have a solid portfolio of providing good fighting game spinoffs for other companies. Their previous partnership with Atlus birthed the Persona 4 Arena series which has been a main game for the Evolution Championship Series (EVO) twice. We’ll have to wait until both titles talk if they’re going to have any plans for a League of Legends fighting game or any competitive title in the future.

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