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League Of Legends Elementalist Lux Cinematic Trailer: Riot Showcases Forms As Champion’s New Skins Go Live!

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A few months ago, there was a teaser release of the champion skins of League of Legends Elementalist Lux. That was the first time we were able to see a total of 10 skins for the said champion, but the release date has not yet been revealed. Recently, the people from Riot has broken their silence on Elementalist Lux.

There?s a video teaser on the game?s Facebook page that highlights League of Legends Elementalist Lux. In the said video, we see Lux transform from her red/fire skin to her dark skin while she battles a huge monster.

The Light Within | Elementalist Lux

A kingdom hangs on the edge of ruin as an army of titanic elemental beasts wage war on humanity. The last line of defense is held by a lone warrior queen, Elementalist Lux.

Posted by League of Legends on Monday, November 28, 2016


Now the wait for this champion?s skin is over. Elementalist Lux has finally went live and players can now shell out money to purchase her skins, as reported?on The Rift Herald. If you plan to purchase the whole set, you need to prepare a ton of cash because Lux?s skin does not come cheap.

Is the hype for the Elementalist Lux skin worth all this trouble? If you can imagine a champion able to change her skins twice during a game at the player?s will and use different skills and attacks that corresponds to the said skin worthy, then Lux is more than worthy.

How will the skins work in relation to each other? You start the game with Lux in her Light skin. As you increase in level and energy, you can choose among Fire, Nature, Air or Water for her first form. Then as you progress further in the battle, you can combine the first form with another element to create Lux?s second and final form.

In total, Lux has 10 forms. These are Light, Water, Fire, Air, Nature, Ice, Magma, Storm, Mystic and Darkness. Basically, it is a simple mixing of elements which goes like this:

  • Fire + Nature = Magma
  • Fire + Air = Storm
  • Water + Nature = Mystic
  • Water + Air = Ice
  • Nature + Air/Water + Fire = Dark

If you are able to purchase all the skins for Lux, you will have a wide variety of choices in every battle. But take note that you can only transform three times per game. First would be the Light skin. The second is a choice between Fire, Nature, Air and Water skin. The last one is the combination of another skin that allows you to get your last form.

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Finally, the price of these skins is 3250 RP. If you plan to buy the Master Edition, it would cost 3950 RP. Roughly, this will cost $25 for the former and $30 for the latter.

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