League of Legends Camille: Strengths, Weaknesses, And New Champion’s Abilities

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League of Legends Camille

Recently, Riot Games revealed the new League of Legends Camille champion skill kit. Camille?s skill kit allows her to move fast and prevent enemy escapes. However, some fans note that her skill kit might too complete that it borders on becoming the next Irelia or Fiora. Here?s what we know so far about League of Legends Camille and her abilities.

Camille Skill Kit

Camille?s skill kit focuses on dealing with lone targets and preventing their escape. Her Q ability secures her strong damage, while her W ability prevents enemy escapes with her massive slow. Meanwhile, her E ability allows her to follow targets or disrupt enemy teams as she hooks herself to walls and champions. Her ultimate allows her to confine enemy champions in the area, but only if she stays near the targeted champion.

Lastly, Camille?s unique passive allows her to gain magic or physical barriers when she hits champions. Overall, her close quarters focused skill kit may only suffer if she doesn?t have enough damage to finish targets quickly or enough defense to tank.

Next Irelia or Fiora?

As seen in the?site, Camille has damage, mobility, crowd control, and even self-healing tools at her disposal. In League of Legends history, Irelia and the reworked Fiora are known to have complete tool sets like this which make them steady threats if they?re not shut down early in the game. If played correctly, League of Legends Camille may become an all-around bruiser that can kill champions and she can be relied on initiating fights if given the right items. If she gets to keep her current skill kit, players may expect to see her a lot in competitive League of Legends tournaments as a staple pick.

League of Legends Camille Release

For now, players may still have to wait for League of Legends Camille?s release as she still has to go through the game?s test servers. Once she?s settled in the Public Beta Environment and got her abilities rebalanced, Camille may be released on the live servers soon. We?ve yet to know if Camille is going to be a Tank or an Assassin until she is played exhaustively.

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