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League Of Legends Camille Rumors: New Champion’s Skill Kit And Abilities

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After the Winter Summoner?s Rift update from the worldwide phenomenon League of Legends game comes yet another amazing update. This is the introduction of League of Legends Camille into the game?s champion roster.

The people behind Riot has had numerous updates when it comes to the League of Legends game, from the Assassins reworks, new skins and other maintenance for their champions. But now, as the newest patch update (6.23) will introduce the new Winter Summoner?s Rift map, there is another introduction that needs to be addressed, and this is the new champion, League of Legends Camille.

Release Date

This League of Legends Camille update is expected to be released around this December or January next year. This update will probably be added to the opening of ?League of Legends Season Seven.? After the release of the latest version which is 6.22, there will surely be a drastic change in the game for patch 6.23 or Season 7, which will happen next year.

The teaser for the introduction of League of Legends Camille was by Riot. It is in a form of a comic that is entitled ?Severed Ties.? The comic shows the story of Camille and it has some hints on why she became the callous person she is now.

As seen, she resembles a cyborg (with many robotic features) with an assassin champion-like mode of fighting style along with her itinerant and agile moves. Her legs can be used as a sword weapon which makes her have a skill set also similar to a sword-wielding champion.

Possible Abilities

With regards to her abilities, there are some speculations based on the teaser comic. First off is that the League of Legends Camille shoots out a couple of tethers from her waist that allows her to move around with ease and gives her an even faster movement similar to a ?Dash? ability. Another ability is the energy shield-like attack she showed in the comic. Finally, as seen in the comic, she has a possible ?Terrain Removal? ability that can be her possible ultimate attack.

These League of Legends Camille teasers are still in the shadows as of now. However, these are good guesses as to what the upcoming champion has in store for us.

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