League of Legends Aurelion Sol: Similarities With Other Heroes And Champions Outside League

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League of Legends Aurelion Sol

Recently, Riot Games has released the skill kit of their upcoming League of Legends Aurelion Sol the Star Forger. Visually, Aurelion Sol really did look to the cancelled Ao Shin as promised by Riot before. However, Aurelion Sol isn?t the most original of champion concepts especially when compared to other Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) characters outside of League. Here?s a shortlist of the MOBA characters that Aurelion Sol manages to cross concepts with.

DOTA ? Io the Guardian Wisp

While not usually fitted into the mage role, Io was the first MOBA character to use damaging orbs that orbit around the champion. Aurelion Sol clearly has this concept on his passive and seems to be part of his main laning tool according to his official Champion Reveal page.

Additionally, Io was known for his ability to reposition himself or with an ally over large distances with his ultimate, Relocate. However, the Star Forger has this concept but only operating on strict conditions. After maxing his E?s passive movement speed stacks, Aurelion Sol can only physically fly towards his intended position with his E?s active ability Comet of Legend. As seen in the sample video in the Champion Reveal page, it?s not as quick as Twisted Fate?s Destiny or Tahm Kench?s Abyssal Voyage but it does help to have a tanky mage have a large area reposition skill. The movement speed only stacks if he travels in a straight line which makes him predictable enough for global skillshots such as Jinx?s Super Mega Death Rocket and Ashe?s Enchanted Frost Arrow, or even a simple Teleport spell to deny him escape. This setbacks would be fair to shift his identity more as a Mage rather than an Assassin.

Heroes of Newerth ? Calamity, Master of All Hells

Aurelion Sol wasn?t first to have the concept of orbiting damaging abilities in MOBAs, there was Heroes of Newerth?s Calamity. Calamity was implemented around December 2014 as seen on HoN?s official site. Unlike Io and similar to Aurelius Sol, her orbiting damaging spell does not disappear on hit and its distance from the character can be adjusted. As a complete contrast with League of Legends? Aurelion Sol, Calamity?s skill kit focuses more on offensive raw damage rather than Aurelion Sol?s spells coupled reliable utility and map presence.

Heroes of The Storm ? Li Ming

While it?s erroneous to call Heroes of The Storm a MOBA, League of Legends Aurelion Sol and Heroes of Li Ming share some similarities in casting cosmic-themed spells. Aurelion Sol?s Starsurge feels heavily similar to Li Ming?s Arcane Orb. However, Li Ming?s Arcane Orb grows by itself as it travels rather than needing the champion to travel along with it to grow in size. Both are mages in their own games but Li Ming leans more to the Assassin Mage role than Aurelion Sol?s intended Tank Mage niche.

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