League Of Legends 2016 Season In Review: Top Champions, Stats Per Country, And More!

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League Of Legends 2016 Season In Review

Recently, Riot put up a League of Legends ?2016 Season in Review site where players can see their stats this year and review the game?s events. Players can see the game?s champions with best win rate, champions with increased win rate, and players? own progress in their servers. Here?s what we know so far.

Season In Review site

The League of Legends 2016 Season in Review site has all sorts of 2016 League of Legends information and trivia. Champion win rates, professional player stats and other champion-focused trivia were also presented on the site. Players can use these data to compare their progress. Lastly, Riot Games also provided a quick rundown of major events and releases that happened this 2016.

Your Own Stats

As promised on the League of Legends 2016 Season in Review site, the players can log in their account to see their stats as of 2016. However, the site has some server restrictions at the moment. Here are the servers compatible with the ratings viewer site:


??????EU Nordic & East

??????EU West

??????Latin America North

??????Latin America South

??????North America






??????Public Beta(Test Server)

Players who are interested should check their ratings for the sake of data gathering on their own skills and habits. Meanwhile, players outside these regions may have to wait for an announcement on their server for their own version of this ratings site.

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2017 Season

According to the official League of Legends site, the League of Legends 2017 Ranked Season started in December 7. Players can now climb the ranks to become the best or just earn the Ranked rewards at the end of the season. You can use the data you got from the League of Legends 2016 Season in Review site to improve your play or predict the meta to adjust accordingly.

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