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LawBreakers PS4 Release Teased, ‘Big News Drop Tomorrow’

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Lawbreakers PS4
Source: LawBreakers – The Game Awards Trailer [Official] video

The official LawBreakers Twitter page announced that they have “big news” this May 22. The teaser image featured rapidly changing helmet visuals on character, and one of them includes the PlayStation buttons. Potentially, the big news will include a PS4 release of this first person shooter.

“Big News”

According to their official Twitter page, “big news drops tomorrow” for the LawBreakers game. The post doesn’t reveal much about the contents of the announcement but the fans sniffed out the details from the teaser. So far, console releases and beta server extension are confirmed from the account’s Twitter replies.

Console Releases

Among the symbols flashing on the teaser gif image was the PlayStation’s iconic button layout. Triangle, Circle, X, and Square buttons were seen in the image which could mean that LawBreakers will be released on the PS4.

Meanwhile, LawBreakers director Cliff Bleszinski also joined in the discussion and was asked about an Xbox One release. Bleszinski replied “A LITTLE ON THE NOSE YA THINK” when asked about an Xbox One release. For now, we can hope that the LawBreakers reveal has a good chance to talk about a console release.

Beta Server Closing Time

Additionally, the official LawBreakers page also confirms of a “9.5 hour extension” after the reveal announcement but may just be a fluke. The “9.5 hours extension” might just mean the time left before the beta end date of May 22 02:00 (GMT). LawBreakers beta players may have to make the best of their time in the beta as the servers will close down up until the game’s official release.

Into The Fray

Beyond the hype, Boss Key Productions’ LawBreakers first-person shooter will have to face strong contenders in the market. So far, Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch has simmered down on the hype but remains strong as they’ve reached 30 million players. Meanwhile, Hi-Rez Studios Paladins stays afloat as they’re a free-to-play hero-based first person shooter.

Bleszinski said in an interview with Develop that “Being constantly compared to the current slew of colorful shooters on the market made us realize we needed to stand out from the crowd.” In a way, it’s right for the LawBreakers developers to take note of their competition. Previously, Gearbox Software admitted that they failed in Battleborn, which currently has an extremely low player count after competing with Overwatch’s release. The audience ultimately chose Blizzard’s shooter and Boss Key Productions should do their best to avoid ending up like Battleborn. We’ll have to wait on this upcoming “big reveal” to know their plan to keep afloat in the competition.

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