LAUNCH PARTY: LOST PLANET 2- Olivia Munn & Jace Hall

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Perhaps the most exciting interviews I’ve ever had.

Jace Hall and Olivia Munn in ONE NIGHT! To be honest both of these two people hold a special place in my heart.?These are some?of my “personal” favorite interviews of all time.

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Jace Hall: “The Jace Hall Show”

Jace Hall is a very talented and comedic guy, meeting him in person was a blast. I might even end up on his show. The Jace Hall show is a show about how he meets all these huge people in gaming culture and how everything just turns against him. Its hilarious he even got me to ask “Why does your show suck?” for his cameras. If I make it on his show, you guys will DEFINATELY know.

Olivia Munn: “Attack of the show”

She’s really cool in person, as you can tell from the interview she didn’t mind a fan interviewing her at all. I’ve been following her for a while now. She’s infulenced me in a? lot of ways. Dressing up, loving what you do, and enjoying life. She’s essentially living out a happy life and its something I envy about her. So for the chance to interview her was awesome! Olivia, we love you here at TheBitbag… well, at least I do. 🙂

The party overall was freaking amazing. Free custom made shirts, plushies, and an amazing photo booth that auto prints your pics. I took my trusty cameraman “Matt” like I did for CES to this event and everything was just a blast.

I even ran into some old friends. Chris ( and Monique (

Overall the Party was great.? Lost Planet 2 looks like a lot of fun. I had another night to remember. Video Blog coming eventually. Just not right now, its 3:30am. I need to sleep.

I’m getting there guys, just one step at a time.

Enjoy the exclusives Bitbaggers.


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