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Latest WhatsApp Update May Annoy Users in a Different Way; Learn What It Is Here

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WhatsApp Update

The latest WhatsApp Update could be one of the most unwelcome update the popular messaging app has ever launched. According to the latest news, the application now allows users to tag friends and instantly add them in a group chat.

The downside? It may not be the chat group that the user wants to join. While there?s an option to mute any incoming messages, notifications will constantly appear on the phone. Another downside is that the group chat can now host a maximum of 256 participants. Imagine the chaos in the notifications when everybody decides to participate in the group?

The app, however, understood the predicament and has included the WhatsApp Update?that allows users to tag the person on certain messages that they are concerned. This way, the recipient will not have to scan through the entire group chat to find the message.

How the WhatsApp Tagging Works?

To tag a person, it?s as simple typing the ?@? sign followed by the name to address the message directly to them. Several people can be tagged in one message. A user can also tag someone who isn?t in her phonebook, but is a member of the group chat.


The option to turn off the notification affects other messages, including the user?s one on one conversation with another user. The risk of missing a message is very high. Also, the WhatsApp Update?allows the tagged person to leave the entire group chat, in order to stop the notifications from coming.

Apparently, WhatsApp is slowly moving towards the business side of its users. The group chat is high in demand in offices, businesses and even household communications.

Do you agree with this latest ?WhatsApp Update? for Android and iOS? What do you suggest in order to moderate the surge of notifications in group chats? For more information about the latest WhatsApp Update?make sure to check us here on TheBitBag.

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