Latest ‘Thor’ Film May Feature Thor’s Greatest Villain Yet

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?Thor? may or may not have been the launching pad of Chris Hemsworth?s career. Some of the notable movies he was last seen in were in J.J Abrams? ?Star Trek? and the recent ?Red Dawn?. However, since coming out as the Norse God of Thunder, he had been more popularly connected with the Odinson, wielder of the enchanted Uru hammer Mjolnir.

From the first movie, Thor has been reaping success, even if it has not been reaping mostly positive reviews. The movie?s fandom reaction was enough for it to have a sequel or two, another movie being in the works right after the recent ?Thor: The Dark World?. Hemsworth?s Thor has also appeared in the ?Avengers? movie, and he is slated to reprise his role in ?The Avengers: Age of Ultron?.

His portrayal of the God of Thunder is seen as powerful and masculine, with villains never really getting the best of him. However, that remains to be said for Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston to great aplomb. The one major characteristic in the movies has always been real powerful villains, either being controlled by another villain themselves, such as the Destroyer in the first Thor, or the Ch?thauri in the last ?Avengers? movie. Both of these enemies were, in one way or another, influenced by Loki.

image courtesy of marvel.com

image courtesy of marvel.com

So, the latest villain for the upcoming movie is up for grabs, what with Hemsworth?s commitment to another Thor movie still in question. Will it still be Loki, or will there be another enemy in the works?

The comic Thor, as well as the real world Thor of Norse mythology, speaks of a world-ending war between the Jotun and their allies, and the Asgardians of Asgard. This war, Ragnarok, will be the ?be-all, end-all? war that will also result in the death of the gods of Asgard themselves, and the destruction of both Asgard, Midgard; reality, in a nutshell. This was often touched upon in the comic books, with some events that were related to Ragnarok being the reason for the recent change in Marvel?s line-up.

The Ragnarok-as-villain?aspect is one interesting angle to be reviewed. If you can recall, during the last scenes in the just-concluded ?The Dark World?, Odin was seen heaping praise upon his son. Once Thor turns around, however, the Odin illusion quickly fades away to reveal that the supposedly-dead Loki is sitting on the throne of Odin. The real Odin?s fate, however, is left to speculation following the end credits.

In an interview, Hemsworth touches upon the fact of Ragnarok in the movies. In one scene from the movie, the World Tree Yggdrasil appears. If the world was set to end, Hemsworth says, it is only fitting for the tree to make an appearance. And the fate of this tree should be an indication of whether the world is about to end, or if everything is okay so far.

For now, Thor 3?s release date is being worked out, but as mentioned in an article pitting Marvel against DC, it should come out sometime during 2016 or 2015 as one of Marvel Studio?s offerings.

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