Latest Patent From Apple Describes An iPad Smart Cover That Can Display Notifications Via Built-in LEDs

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Apple files patent for an iPad Smart Cover with built-in LEDs

Apple recently filed a patent called ?Integrated Visual Notification In An Accessory Device? which is published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The patent outlines an accessory gadget that will both serve as a display protector and a visual alert device. In this case, it would definitely be applied to Apple?s lineup of iPad Smart Covers.

Usually, people rely on coverings or cases to protect their iPad?s large glass displays. One of the most popular products used to serve this purpose is the tri-fold iPad Smart Cover from Apple. However, when closed and not in use, this accessory completely covers the screen and obscure whatever visual cues regarding low battery warnings, incoming messages, or other notifications that the tablet is emitting.

According to AppleInsider, who first reported about the said patent, the USPTO application specifies an active and passive method to execute the goal of notifying users even when the iPad Smart Cover is closed.

The active version will involve low-power lighting factors such as electroluminescent panels or built-in LEDs. These LEDs can be illuminated in particular patterns depending on the type of notification. The passive version will utilize the physical attribute of the iPad Smart Cover flap wherein translucent segments can be strategically placed to allow light from the tablet?s screen to penetrate through.

USPTO published Apple's patent for a new iPad Smart Cover

USPTO published Apple’s patent for a new iPad Smart Cover

The suggested active notification method of the iPad Smart Cover would require a power source in order to be implemented. Apple?s patent depicted two possible ways to do this: One is by connecting a magnet from the iPad to the Smart Cover, much like a MagSafe adapter, and the other is by using inductive charging methods to derive power from the iPad towards the cover. Meanwhile, the passive version will not require electric power as all visual notifications and illumination will be handled by the iPad?s screen itself.

This future smarter iPad Smart Cover will take advantage of the iPad?s Hall sensor to know when to disable or activate its alert system as the sensor will determine whether the cover is in place or not. If users want to dismiss an alert, Apple suggested the use of present physical controls such as the volume or power buttons ? both of these are still reachable even when the Smart Cover obscures the screen.

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