Latest Cryogenic Case is a 14-Year-Old Dead Cancer Patient Set to be Revived Someday Through Cryogenics

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Cryogenic Case

A 14 year-old cancer patient has just been cryogenically frozen with the hopes of her being revived someday through cryogenics. Although technology has finally advance to the point that we can now successfully and delicately freeze and preserve humans, we still don?t possess the ability to bring someone back from this state. A British family knowing this had to push through with the difficult decision of cryogenically freezing their dying daughter.

A Cold Wish

Although cryogenic freezing is such a rare thought when people are standing by death?s door, a 14-year-old girl from Britain had opted for it. She recently lost her battle against a rare form of cancer just last month in London. She wished that that her body be cryogenically frozen and preserved with the hopes of someday coming back healed.

The difficult decision had then fallen to her grieving family on just what to do with her body. After some heavy discussion, the majority turned in favor of fulfilling the deceased girl?s wish. Her body was then brought to the United States.

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The girl?s uncle explained the details to Daily Mail of what the family went through. One of the biggest supporters of the decision came from the girl?s mother. Afterwards, several family members contributed cash of close to ?37,000 to pay for the American company?s services.

The girl?s body is now stored in a cryo-tank in Michigan. The girl?s grieving mother has planned to pay her daughter?s body a visit in Michigan soon. The uncle says: “She is keeping hope that one day her daughter will be back? She believes she might see her again within her lifetime.”

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Dying Hope

While the mother is supportive of the wish, the father on the other hand is not happy with the decision. He believes that the cryogenics company is simply selling false hope. The father is also pessimistic with the plan. He believes that it?s impossible for his daughter to return from the dead and be cured.

The big decision with what to do with the daughter?s remains quickly escalated, leading towards a High Court battle. In the end, the teen?s side won with the full rights to her remains falling to her mother?s decision. The decision came just 11 days before the girl?s death.

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