Latest Apple MacBooks Will No Longer Support Windows 7 Boot Camp

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Image source Wikimedia Commons By Apple, Inc. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Apple drops their support for Windows 7 Boot Camp on the latest Apple MacBooks

Boot Camp is one of the awesome features Apple has on their MacBooks. In case you didn?t know what it is, as explained by howstuffworks, to summarize it, you can quickly switch from different OSes like Macintosh and Windows when you reboot your system.

The last Apple MacBook has the capability to support Windows 7 Boot Camp but unfortunately, that is not the case for the most recent models, the MacBook Pro and MacBook 2015.

No more Windows 7 Boot Camp support for the latest Apple MacBooks

According to the report from MacRumors, latest Apple MacBooks (2015 and the MacBook Pro 13-inch) will no longer support the Windows 7 for their Boot Camp software. As stated there, these devices will now only support the most recent Windows OS, Windows 8.1 and possibly the upcoming Windows 10.

However, not only the 2015 Apple MacBook editions are affected by this sudden change but also the 2013 Apple MacBook Pro is also included on this drastic change.

As mentioned on that report, Mac users are not satisfied with Apple?s move of phasing out the support for the OS. Many people are still confortable with the Windows 7 OS despite that 8.1 is already available to download. Although, as a previous XP user and current Win 7 user, I can safely say that this is more convenient or easy to use compared to the Windows 8.1. The cost for the upgrade is totally not worth it. The UI is almost completely different from the 7 and it is sometimes hard to navigate especially if you are used to the UI of XP and 7.

To view the complete list of Apple Boot Camp changes, please click here.

Windows 10 is set to release this coming summer. It is still uncertain if Apple Boot Camp will provide support for the next OS. As for the price however, Microsoft still hasn?t released any information yet for the cost of the upgrade but they have confirmed that they will allow anyone who is using Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 to upgrade their software to Windows 10 even if they don?t have a genuine copy of it.

Image source Wikimedia Commons

By Apple, Inc. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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