The Last of Us Movie Release: Creator Neil Druckmann Gives New Update

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Video game and movies don?t always seem to jive, but that isn?t stopping die-hard The Last of Us fans from getting all riled up about the upcoming movie based on 2013?s instant classic. Fans have been anticipating the world premiere of the upcoming movie, but the guys behind it are a bit tight-lipped regarding updates. Lucky for fans, Naughty Dog?s Neil Druckmann dropped a few details on The Last of Us movie, but it may not be exactly the news fans were looking for.

In an interview with The Frame, Druckmann revealed that The Last of Us movie is indeed happening, but progress on it is a bit slow. Druckmann will also be part of the feature film?s creative team, but there hasn?t been any progress on it for a couple of years now. He then added that even the Uncharted film is stuck in development hell and has been in the making for nine years now.

Fans shouldn?t expect the movie to arrive anytime soon after Druckmann?s update. What they can expect though is the film will deliver the same harrowing drama and thrill that the video game provided, since Druckmann, the director of The Last of Us, will return as a writer for the film?s script.

When it comes to actors and actresses who are fitting for the role of Ellie and Joel, there are a few standouts, but no specific celebrity has been cast yet. Game of Thrones? Maisie Williams was rumored to be the actress to play Ellie, but it may not be the case since development on the film is slow and the young actress isn?t that young anymore.

Fans themselves have begun picking their fave celebrity for the roles including Hugh Jackman for Joel and Ellen Page for Ellie. With slow development on The Last of Us movie, they?ll have to wait for further announcements from Naughty Dog for their final decision.

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